• Are the packing materials recyclable? 

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable. We are working on a recycle program for our vessels for Summer 2022. If you are interested, please sign up for our mailing list. 


  • What type of wax do you use?

We use coconut and soy waxes that are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and come from renewable sources. The entire blend utilizes only FDA approved waxes.


  • What type of wick do you use?

Eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA.


  •  Can I return or exchange my products?

We do not offer exchanges or returns at this time. If you have any issues or concerns or questions in regards to damages, please email


  • How to contact Honey Biscuit Company?

Contact Information:


Follow our socials:

Instagram: @honeybiscuitcompany

Tik Tok: @honeybiscuitcompany


  • Can I carry Honey Biscuit Company in my store?

 If you are interested in stocking our products in your store, please email 


  • Do you have a brick & mortar location?

 We do not have a brick and mortar location at this time. All products can be purchased exclusively on our website,