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Self care alway seemed like something indulgent and exclusive. It is a culture that needs to be redefined. Self care is your present self taking care of your future self. Sometimes that means a bubble bath with a really good book or journaling with a glass of wine. With all of these various scenerios, candles and home fragrance is always a must. Scent associates with memory and energy. It can create a feeling of trust and refuge. Our goal is to celebrate a new culture with self care that makes taking a moment for you a necessity, not a splurge or luxury.

Honey Biscuit Company is a woman-owned home care brand that is 100% handmade & sustainably sourced products. There is no factory or warehouse of workers (yet!). Each product is hand poured, packaged, and sent by this small business. All of our products are plant based and nontoxic with a modern touch of femininity. Our trendy names make our products great statement pieces or gifts for your friends. And don't forget the crackling wood wicks! The soft crackle gives a long lasting burn and a calming ambiance of a cozy camp fire. Just trust us, you will love it!

Meet Danielle- Owner/ Maker

Danielle is a creative soul. She designs all the branding and hand pours all of our products. 
Hey! I am Danielle. I am a creator and a maker. This company was created & named in honor of my sweet pup, Biscuit. She passed away in 2021, during a routine surgery. The loneliness and sadness led to 100s of candles being made and given to friends & family. This business is my form of therapy and grief. Each product is truly made with so much love and care. When I am not making candles or out meeting our amazing customers at a local market, I love exploring different cities, finding local coffee shops, and being with my fur baby, Henry. 

 Favorite Product: No Filter Candle
Favorite Form of Self-care: Themed Soulcycle class or a bougie local coffee
Sign: Scorpio